from article written in 1998

Back in April of this year, it was brought to our attention that the former Bostwick house, now owned by Cheryl Hutchinson, was available for purchase. Knowing that we were in a ministry with the RECAP (Rock County Criminal Addiction Program) Program, and that this house was in need of work, she felt there would be some ongoing outreach potential for Trinity through this purchase.

As God's timing would have it, I had just been educated on the need for additional Transitional Housing in the Janesville community. There are at present, many dedicated people and programs in place to assist individuals who are trying to turn their lives around. One of the missing links between good programming and productive living in the community is in the absence of adequate quarters in the existing transitional living housing of the Janesville/Rock County Area.

The bottom line is that there are individuals who have made the necessary changes in their thinking and behavior and are now ready to move forward in their lives. The problem faced is that many are trapped, either by a lack of employability or finances, and falling right back into the same negative environment (often surrounded by alcohol, drugs or other forms of addiction) from which they came.

It is our hope that we could provide these people with a safe, structured, affordable environment in which to make the necessary transition. A Fresh Start! Other ¾ Way Homes in Janesville are turning away 20-35 applicants per month who are seeking this type of living experience.

A committee has been formed to explore this ministry. We have titled this project "The Lazarus Project". Monies were allocated by the Vestry to acquire a building analysis report from an inspection company. We now have that, and are exploring renovation costs and funding possibilities. It is our goal to present a comprehensive report on our findings to the Vestry.

Those of us on the Lazarus Project Committee feel that a ¾-Way Home would be a good use for this property and a positive contribution to our community. Bishop White's enthusiasm and support for this outreach ministry was most welcome, as was his offer to help us with funding assistance. It is our hope that all funding for this project will come from above and beyond the current budget and that the project will be self supporting. From our first meeting to the present, we have felt the presence of God guiding us each step along the way. To His Glory I submit this letter on behalf of our committee.

Your brother in Christ,

Scott Petranek

September 1998

Committee: Fr. Bob, John Davis, Gary Ertl, Dick Lynes, and Gene Oakley