WHY IS Lazarus Foundation?

In its search for community outreach opportunities, Trinity Episcopal Church Vestry became aware of a need for additional transitional housing in the Janesville community. There are dedicated people and programs in place to assist individuals who are trying to turn their lives around. One of the missing links between good programs and productive living in the community is the absence of adequate quarters in the existing transitional living housing of the Janesville/Rock County Area.

Other Way Homes in Janesville are turning away 20-35 applicants seeking this type of living experience per month.

These are individuals who have made the necessary changes in their thinking and behavior and are now ready to move forward in their lives.

The problem faced is that many are trapped, either by a lack of employability or finances, and at risk of falling right back into the same negative environment (often surrounded by alcohol, drugs or other forms of addiction) from which they came.

It is our hope that we could provide these people with a safe, structured, affordable environment in which to make the necessary transition. A Fresh Start!


The Lazarus Foundation, Janesville, Wisconsin believes that it has a responsibility to Christ and the Community through the Lazarus Project to provide housing and lifestyle learning for those recovering from drug, alcohol and other substance abuse.


The Mission (purpose) of the Lazarus Foundation is to provide a safe, structured environment and affordable temporary housing to recovering substance abusers that will allow individual abusers to gain personal dignity by developing and practicing a sober way of life.


Provide its services to residents regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national origin.

Provide its services in an atmosphere that requires resident responsibility and recovery.

Provide all services with a goal of returning residents back into their families and community as productive members of society.