WHO IS Lazarus Foundation?

The Lazarus Foundation is heavily supported by, but separate from Trinity Episcopal Church.

The full renovation and opening of the residence will require additional contributions from the widest possible base of support.

Its long range success will require that it achieve recognition and support as an outreach of the community at large.

The foundation's Board of Directors is actively pursuing support from community sources and agency grants for this purpose.

Please consider becoming a member, supporter or contributor to this exciting and worthwhile new community endeavor.

The Lazarus Foundation has been formed as a tax exempt, non-profit 501(3)(c) corporation All contributions to the Lazarus Foundation are tax exempt.

Anyone with an interest in the program is encouraged both to contribute and to become a Member of the Foundation for a very nominal annual membership fee of $15.00.

Grants and contributions are expected to provide for development, maintenance and expansion of the program, while nominal rents paid by residents are expected to cover a majority of the annual operating costs.


The Lazarus Foundation's Board of Directors are:

   Richard Lynes – President

   John Davis – Vice President

   Rev. Dr. Robert Bramlett – Treasurer

   Tom Lattomus – Secretary

   Carl Eschweiler

   Scott Petranek

   Paul Benish

   Gary Ertl

   Mark Robinson

   Catherine Samb

   Gene Oakley

   Tom Downey


We are continuing in our course and we invite the community to join with us in our mission.