WHAT IS Lazarus Foundation?

Lazarus Foundation Inc. is a non-profit charitable and educational corporation formed for the initial purpose of establishing and operating a "three quarter way house" and rehabilitative living environment for the benefit of recovering substance abusers in the Rock County area.

It's a new and ambitious community service organization and it has grown from seed planted right here at Trinity.

The Lazarus Foundation is rapidly moving forward in its three-part mission to the community.

The establishment of a residence providing a supportive living environment to help at-risk recovering adults to re-establish themselves in the community.

The ongoing support of the Rock County Sheriff's Department RECAP Program to provide work release skill training and work experience to incarcerated young offenders.

The establishment of a Woodworking Facility to expand the scope and value of the occupational skills development throughout the duration of the Lazarus house renovation.

The startup phase has been financed, so far, by contributions from Trinity outreach and personal gifts from it. s leading supporters within the church.

The former Bostwick home at 18 S. Atwood was purchased through funding provided by the diocese with the intention of transferring ownership to the Foundation.

Renovation plans are already in place, and work is in progress to convert the house into a three-quarter way residence and the carriage house into a woodworking shop.

All exterior renovation is being carried out in full cooperation with the Historic Preservation Committee.